is sara lance leaving arrow?

…can she take felicity with her? :(

put five anything in my ask and i’ll put them in my preference order

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i just came really hard and i feel amazing :D

my reflux-induced nausea is so unpleasant rn that as soon as i got to the building where i had french i just said ‘nahhhh’ and turned around to come back to my apartment





i have a lot of trouble feeling sympathy for cheaters in committed relationships

of course there are sometimes extenuating circumstances (there could be unhappiness or abuse or something equally as horrifying going on) and those are the situations to which i hold exception

but otherwise? nah. if you did that to ME, you’d be cut out of my life in a millisecond.

i need to start blacklisting sebstan

people who stan for the lannisters remind me of people who stan for the slytherin house…

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when you like a blog but the blogger’s personality actively grates on you aka picture of my life

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